AlgoRhythm Solo -dB



The AlgoRhythm Solo –dB processes high quality USB audio from Apple devices, computers and some Android devices so you can really hear the full quality lossless audio from your iPad/iPhone/iPod or other USB devices. Simply connect to a headphone amplifier or home stereo.


High capacity lithium-polymer battery – isolated AC switching

Fast re-charge time about 3.5 hours

High-end AKM 24 bit DAC model AK4396

Designed and assembled in the USA

Colors: Black or Silver


• Asynchronous USB audio conversion to analog for extremely low jitter
• Auto-source detect from computers, Android devices and Apple devices
• USB audio resolution up to 16/48 from Apple devices
• USB audio resolution on Mac (natively) or PC (with included driver) up to 24/192
• USB audio resolution on Android devices (using USB Audio Recorder Pro app) up to 24/192
• Larger capacity battery delivers long play time, up to 14 hours and charges Apple devices
• Fully balanced analog line-level output (4 pin)
• Single ended line-level analog output
• Digital S/PDIF output – acts as a digital converter – send decrypted audio to desktop DAC’s
• USB mini-A input allows input from computers (USB A to USB mini-B) or Apple devices (use our 30 pin to USB mini-a cable)
• Free PC driver enables 24/192 playback on computers (no driver required for Mac)

Confirm with the manufacturer that your Android device supports USB audio.

  • Android Device List with USB Audio

  • Many Android devices will work with USB DAC’s when paired with:

  • USB Audio Player Pro

  • USB Audio Player Pro List of Compatible Devices

  • Specifications

    Supported Rates/Frequencies

    Sample depth 16 bit from Apple Devices; up to 24 bit from computers
    Frequencies supported on Apple Devices: 44.1 / 48.0 @ 16 bit
    Frequencies supported on computers (Mac OS X 10.6.3 and above, PC’s with our driver):
    44.1 / 48.0 / 96.0 / 88.1 / 176.4 / 192.0 @ 16 and 24 bit

    Package Contents

    – Cypher Labs AlgoRhythm Solo® -dB & User Guide
    – 30 pin to USB mini-A sync cable with right angle connectors
    – 8 pin (Lightning) to USB mini-A cable
    – USB micro to USB mini-B cable (for Android)
    – USB A to USB mini-B cable (for computer)
    – Small USB female A to USB male mini-A adapter. Use with any standard 30 pin to USB A or Lightning to USB A sync cable
    – Switching 100v / 220v gloss black AC charger with heavy duty red cord and right angle barrel plug
    – Embossed leather pad to protect devices when bundled

    AlgoRhythm Solo –dB Product Manual




    We’ve uploaded the latest PC driver version 1.67 to our site.

    Please uninstall the older driver (either ver 1.60 or 1.61) and install the new version 1.67 to receive support for Windows 8. Both the old drivers and this new one support 24/192 files.

    If you have both an AlgoRhythm Solo -dB and Theorem 720 DAC, you may need to install the driver for each device, but the second install is only about 1 second. Be patient with the first install.


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