AlgoRhythm Picollo DAC


The AlgoRhythm Picollo DAC is a very compact digital USB DAC and analog headphone amplifier. It has a single USB input, an analog 3.5mm input and one headphone output. Charging is micro USB 5v so you can charge from a computer or normal USB charger. The Picollo DAC lasts a very long time on a single charge.

Very large output spread supports ultra sensitive IEM’s and large headphones:
low gain -12db, mid gain, high gain +11.5db

CNC machined aluminum enclosure, with laser engraving


The Picollo DAC is a headphone amplifier with USB Audio input from Android devices and computers

Confirm with the manufacturer that your Android device supports USB audio. Also check this list:

  • Android Device List with USB Audio

  • Many Android devices will work with USB DAC’s when paired with:

  • USB Audio Player Pro

  • USB Audio Player Pro List of Compatible Devices

  • Functions as an analog amplifier, using the 3.5mm input
    Uses op amps for the headphone output rather than the discrete design of the Picollo amplifier.
    Two colors: Black or Gold

    Sampling Rate: 32, 44.1, 48 kHz @ 16-Bit
    DAC IC: Texas Instruments PCM2704

    Size: 20mm x 53mm x 88mm (100mm with knob)
    Weight 5oz / 145grams

    Frequency response
    20Hz-50kHz ±1dB

    Output power
    160mW into 32Ω
    90mW into 50Ω
    60mW into 300Ω
    30mW into 600Ω
    <1 Ω Output Impedance Power and Battery
    12-18 hours of playtime from Android OS devices
    16-24 hours of playtime from analog devices
    Continuous playtime when using computers
    Built in Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery Sanyo UF103450P 2000mAH/3.7V
    Use any standard 5 volt 1 amp USB wall charger or connect to a computer USB port to recharge it in under 4 hours.

    The AlgoRhythm Picollo DAC does not require a PC driver

    Package Contents

    – Cypher Labs AlgoRhythm Picollo DAC
    – User Guide
    – Mini to mini interconnect (20cm)
    – Black micro USB to micro USB cable (20cm) (connect to your USB capable Android device)
    – Black USB A to micro USB cable (0.5m) (connect to your computer or USB charger)
    – Leatherette pad to protect bundled devices from scratching
    – Cypher Labs straps to bundle devices for travel

    One year Cypher Labs parts and Labor warranty