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AlgoRhythm Picollo – Mini Headphone Amplifier


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Product Description

The AlgoRhythm Picollo is a very compact analog headphone amplifier. It has a single input and output. Charging is micro USB 5v so you can charge from a computer or normal USB charger. The Picollo lasts a very long time on a single charge 24+ hours.

This is a unique and “old school” design at the same time. No op amps are used. Instead, we designed it using matched sets of triodes (total of 10 pairs) in a discrete component layout.

The discrete component advantage

The design is unique in that it uses 10 pairs of triodes to perform the amplification, without the use of op amps. Very quiet background suitable for IEM's, but also very powerful for even large headphones. The improvement in audio, even from a headphone jack, is amazing.

The advantage of discrete component:
1. no unnecessary components with minimal interference
2. better quality components, more power
3. high resolution sound

The disadvantage of discrete component:
1. more space and more power-consuming
2. hard to design portable circuit
3. triodes must be precise matched: output triodes are hand selected
4. each amp must be hand-tuned, very time and labor consuming

Very large output spread supports ultra sensative IEM's and large headphones:
low gain -12db, mid gain, high gain +11.5db

CNC machined aluminum enclosure, with laser engraving

Tech Specs

Size: 55mmm x 85mm x 18mm (100mm with knob)
Weight 5oz / 140grams

Frequency response
5Hz-50kHz ±1dB

Output power
200mW into 32Ω
100mW into 50Ω
35mW into 300Ω
10mW into 600Ω
<1 Ω Output Impedance Power and Battery
Built in Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery Sanyo UF103450P 2000mAH/3.7V
Playtime: 24-30 hours
Recharge Time from PC : 4 hours

Package Contents

– Cypher Labs AlgoRhythm Picollo
– User Guide
– Mini to mini interconnect (20cm)
– Cypher Labs straps to bundle devices for travel (2 – 150mm straps)
– Black USB A to micro USB cable (connect to your computer or USB charger)

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