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Austru In Ear Monitors


Austru: Headfonic’s Review
From Marcus: “The Austru from Cypher Labs is an accomplished, smooth and rather balanced sounding hybrid IEM.”


Austru: Headfonia’s Review
From Berkhan: “I think the Austru is a promising IEM by Cypher Labs. They really show that they can build impressive IEM’s with a great build quality and sound.”


C6iem v2 In Ear Monitors


C6iem v2: Review From Justin: “Those looking for easy going, relaxed, great isolating, comfortable and warm sound signature should be very happy with the C6iem”

C6iem In Ear Monitors



C6iem: Headphone Guru Review From Eric Neff: ” the complete package of sound, quality build and accessories makes the C6iem one to put on the short list for a try out.”


C6iem: Headfonic’s Review From Marcus: “If you like it darkish with plenty of rumble, decent speed and great mids and vocals and in for long listening sessions then it might just be up your alley.”


C6iem: Headfonia’s Review
From Lieven: “Cypherlabs has created a very good first inear monitor and they can be very proud of it. Sound wise, there is nothing to complain about and I love every single bit of it.”


C6iem: The Sea’s Review
From kengreefei: “Cypherlabs design concept, positioning, tuning & quality is very good, very mature.”


Sustain84 Desktop Tube Amplifier


Sustain84 Tube Amplifier: Headphone.Guru’s Review From Dubstep Girl: “The sweet, seductive midrange and smooth treble allow it to easily pair with a wide-range of headphones and its ability to drive IEMs without any noise make it that much more versatile.”


Sustain84 Tube Amplifier: Headfonic’s Review From Marcus: “Sustain84’s big strength is in a smooth flowing mid-range and a beautiful vocal presence.”


Sustain84: TONEAudio Review From Rob Johnson: “…lush sound will immerse the ol’ noggin and it is easy to get lost in the music. I certainly did.”


Sustain84: Headphone Club Review “Chinese Language Review: 密码实验室Cypher Labs的小胆机Sustain84”


AlgoRhythm Trio – Portable Headphone Tube Amplifier


AnakChan Moderator: AlgoRhythm Trio
From AnakChan: “Trio provides that smooth analogue texture especially when listening to easy listening vocal jazz with acoustic instruments. The Trio to me is just another exquisite product from Cypher Labs.”


Headfonia: AlgoRhythm Trio
From Lieven: “Overall Trio serves a fast and tight sound with just a hint of the tube smoothness”


CNET @AudiophiliacMan: AlgoRhythm Trio
From Steve Guttenberg: “With the Trio your headphones will deliver more potent bass, airier highs and dynamics will kick harder than before.”


The Prautes – Desktop Headphone Tube Amp



Parttime Audiophile: Prautes & AlgoRhythm Picollo Coverage
From Scot: “This thing has tubes and knobs and textured sides and I get all quivery just looking at it…..the device has some serious flexibility to go along with its good looks”


The Prautes ToneAudio Review
From Jeff Dorgay: “..this amplifier is a master of rendering musical texture and inner detail. That’s what separates the thousand dollar headphone amplifiers from the four thousand dollar ones….If you love personal audio and you want everything your phones are capable of delivering, put the Prautes on your must have list. “

Robb Report

Robb Report: The Prautes
From Robb Report: “With retro casework, vacuum tubes, and hand-wired point-to-point circuitry throughout, the Cypher Labs Prautes offers an old-school audio vibe, both visually and aurally.”


AlgoRhythm Picollo DAC

Reviews for our mini-headphone amp/DAC combo for Android & analog sources


Rick Sterling: AlgoRhythm Picollo DAC Review
From Rick: “I have come to the conclusion that Cypher Labs, as a company, can do no wrong. I am absolutely in LOVE with this beautiful little machine!”


Headfonia: AlgoRhythm Picollo DAC Review
From Lieven: “The PDAC is plug and play. Connect it to your Android phone with the supplied micro to micro cable and your problem is solved. I like the S4 headphone out a lot with IEMs and easy to drive headphones but I never imagined my S4 to sound this good.”


Headfonics: AlgoRhythm Picollo DAC Review
From Marcus: “…. the stellar build quality, excellent battery life and more than satisfactory amp and pleasing tonality of the Picollo DAC should allow it to pass the demo test for most discerning audiophiles with relative ease.”

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 1.25.55 PM

Truly Net: AlgoRhythm Picollo DAC Review
From Greg: “..if you want to travel with in-ear monitors or other sensitive headphones, this device is your ticket to music that can transport you even while you’re still waiting for your plane, train, or automobile.”


AlgoRhythm Picollo

Reviews for our portable 100% analog discrete design mini-headphone amplifier


Headfonia: AlgoRhythm Picollo Review
From Lieven: “I think the clincher is: if you’re buying an amp for your IEMs, doing better than Picollo will be hard. Like me, you may prefer PURE II from a sound character perspective, but Picollo, being smaller, getting better battery life, retaining better L/R balance at very low volumes, and putting out similar levels of resolution (if not dynamics), is nearly a perfect choice. Make that the deciding factor.”


AV Watch Japan: AlgoRhythm Picollo Review From Kentaro Yamazaki of AV Watch: “overall t is refreshing, with an expanded sound stage”

e-earphone head to head Picollo

Final Results of the Competition – Picollo Wins!

Three more e-earphone reviews of the Picollo:
e-earphone: AlgoRhythm Picollo Review 1
e-earphone: AlgoRhythm Picollo Review 2
e-earphone: AlgoRhythm Picollo Review 3


AlgoRhythm Duet

Reviews for our portable 100% analog fully balanced headphone amplifier

Truly Gadgets: AlgoRhythm Duet Review
From Greg: “We’ve been testing out ours over the last month, after breaking it in with about 40 hours of playtime, and found it to be about the best portable headphone amp you could want, especially if you’re using in-ear monitors.”


Old&New Sound in Spanish (Spain): AlgoRhythm Duet Review
From Emilio: “The sound quality of this amp is undeniable, and although at first is is best paired with IEMs, the truth is that it perfectly supports and creates syngery with all types of headphones, with a neutral and balanced profile. This is not boring or bland and always has energy and attack to get the best out of your music. I love it and I’ve to say without a doubt it is the best portable amp I’ve tried until today, no doubt.”


Ohm Image Review: AlgoRhythm Duet
Nathan Wright says “DUET is destined to be the product that defines Cypher Labs in the analogue arena. It stands up to both the PURE II and the Rx MKIII-B+ in almost every benchmark. Where it betters its peers: in noise floor and stereo performance (Rx); in connection options and high-voltage scaling (PURE II), it truly distinguishes itself. I don’t expect the enthusiast world will soon find an amp that can boast as much. BAM!”


Headfonia Review: AlgoRhythm Duet
Lieven says “So is the Duet a good amp? Yes it certainly is, especially with IEMs and a selection of full size headphones that already have a wide sound stage.”

Theorem 720 DAC


IEEE Spectrum Review: Theorem 720 DAC

Ohm Image Review: Theorem 720 DAC

Headfonics Review: Theorem 720 DAC

Headfonia Review: Theorem 720 DAC

Qobuz Review: Theorem 720 DAC (French Language)

OldnewsoundDuetOld&New Sound in Spanish (Spain): Theorem 720 DAC Review From Emilio: “El Theorem 720 DAC forma un conjunto en un bloque único simplemente espectacular. En sonido portátil estamos hablando quizás de uno de los mejores DAC/Amp para auriculares de impedancias altas que podamos encontrar en el mercado actual sin lugar a dudas. Sonido neutro y muy equilibrado además de con una potencia suficiente para hacer totalmente disfrutables hasta los compañeros mas difíciles. Yo era escéptico de que consiguiera tales resultados, pero después de probarlo… solo puedo comerme mis dudas.”

Stereo Head (Italy): Theorem 720 DAC

Magazine Audio reviews the Theorem 720 DAC and other products in a three part series. Magazine Audio is a French language audiophile zine based in Canada, but followed in many French speaking countries.


Part 1:
Magazine Audio Part 1
Part 2:
Magazine Audio Part 2
Part 3:
Magazine Audio Part 3

audioexcursions reviews the Theorem 720 DAC

e-earphone event Dec 21/22 Review: Copper Theorem 720 DAC get’s the exclusive first look at the new Cypher Labs Theorem 720 DAC, a new, portable USB/Android/iDevice DAC and amp. This may be the Head-Fi Road Warriors’ dreams come true

AlgoRhythm Solo -R and AlgoRhythm -dB

Old&New Sound (Spain): AlgoRhythm Solo -dB and Solo -R

Ohm Image Review: AlgoRhythm Solo -dB

Headfonia Review: AlgoRhythm Solo -dB and AlgoRhythm Solo -R

Audio Head Review: AlgoRhythm Solo -dB

AudioHead Video Review: AlgoRhythm Solo -dB

This is the CypherLabs Algorhythm Solo -R and -dB portable DAC units presented at the Rocky Mountain AudioFest CanJam 2012.

AlgoRhythm Solo (original 2010-2012; discontinued)

A video review of the game-changing Cypher Labs “original” Algorhythm Solo. The Algorhythm Solo delivers uncompressed, high quality audio from an iPad, iPhone or iPod to portable or home audio DACs and amplifiers, via both digital and analog outputs. With a built-in lithium-ion battery, you can have a desktop quality source component on-the-go.

Headfonia Review: original AlgoRhythm Solo

Six Moons – Blue Moon Award and Review: original AlgoRhythm Solo

Tone Audio – Product of the Year Award: original AlgoRhythm Solo – see page 189 of issue 42

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